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Flying Cars in 2050? Not Yet

We have seen a lot of changes in the past decade, from paradigm shifts to interconnectivity and better technology. The latter have made our cars fuel efficient and they now have safety features that we could never have imagined a few decades back.

Luxury brands the likes of Maybach and BMW have been rolling out their electric cars, too while other manufacturers are making their cars better than before. The future seems bright.

Flying Cars? Not Yet

All these advancements have made us curious as to what the next decade holds for automobiles in general. Will we be driving smart cars that also work as our assistant during our commute? Will we have vehicles that no longer need steering wheels but equipped with a small joystick that we’d rarely use? These are very likely.

While we are not expecting flying cars just yet, we can expect that cars of the future will look sleeker and will be more energy efficient than the ones we see on our streets today.

They are also likely going to be made from lighter materials making our vehicles more efficient and responsive. In fact, it is already happening now because the Ford F-150 now comes with an aluminum body, making it lighter by 700 lbs. Aluminum is just the beginning and soon, carbon fiber, a material often reserved for luxury vehicles, will be used in more mainstream brands.

Biometric technology has also made a splash the past few years and these scanners will likely be seen in future cars. Auto manufacturers are already looking into it but it will not only serve as a security measure but a feature that can save lives. Ford, for example, is working on a biometric sensor that can monitor a driver’s breathing and heart rate while on the road.

Collision Prevention and Autonomy

Some vehicles now have collision prevention features that can mitigate or stop frontal impact. The not-so-distant future promises better prevention measures and will likely become standard. According to experts, we’d be seeing autonomous cars by 2020 or in the years that will follow. By 2050, vehicles will be cleaner, leaner, and much safer. They’d be able to cruise on our roads without much intervention from the person behind the wheel.

General Motors already has Super Cruise that enables a vehicle to keep going on its own on long highway stretches. There’s also the European Satre project called the Road Train where one vehicle driven by a professional driver leads other vehicles that are virtually connected to their destination. Then there’s BMW’s Traffic Jam Assistant.

The question is, will you still be able to drive? It will likely be a rare occurrence for car owners to drive their cars in 2050. Admittedly, this takes out the fun in owning a car but whatever happens to car technology in the future, we are quite sure that there will be a lot of things that we will love.

How to Take Care of Your Car’s AC

When it is hot out, your car’s AC can be a lifesaver. The invention of air conditioning had nothing to do with the first car ever built though. It is basically the AC compressor that car owners should be thankful for not the AC alone. How does the compressor work and what does it do to give us our air conditioning needs when we are inside our cars?

Before we delve into the world of compressors and ac systems, we should learn more about the refrigerant in the car’s system. A refrigerant is a kind of fluid that has the capability to turn hot air into cooler or colder air. It works with the compressor and the AC system. The latter has different parts which includes the condenser, evaporator, clutches, accumulator, expansion valve, dryer, and compressor.

The main principles of an air conditioning system lies on evaporation and condensation. After that compression and expansion come in.

  • Evaporation can be explained by rubbing isopropyl alcohol on your hands. When the liquid evaporates, it gets rid of the heat from the skin’s surface and your hand will feel a bit cold.
  • Condensation is the conversion of moisture into liquid.
  • Compression of gases can be explained by looking at how a spray on deodorant works. Inside the can is a liquid but once you use it, it comes out as a gas. Compression turns gases into liquids thanks to pressure.
  • Expansion. By looking at the deodorant example, one would surmise that the pressure inside the container is much higher that’s why the gas is compressed into a liquid. Once you spray your deodorant, the liquid from the container becomes cool and it expands as it comes out.

These basic principles simplify the way your car’s air conditioning system work. The question is, how do you take better care of it?

  • Get it checked regularly.
  • Clean the filter.
  • Do not overwork the air conditioning system by opening it while your windows are open.
  • Get a full air conditioning service.

If you think your luxury vehicle’s air conditioning system is not working properly, please do not hesitate to give us a call.


Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 Cabriolet

The Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 Cabriolet is a vision in its classic proportions and sensual purity. It is, in fact, one of the most good-looking Maybachs even making it impossible to imagine that it is an electric car.

This luxury car has a shallow underfloor battery that can run for more than 200 miles at full charge. It is an elegant ride and Daimler AG’s Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener said, “The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet takes modern luxury into the realms of the ultimate in luxury, and  is the perfect embodiment of our design strategy. Breathtaking proportions combined with a luxurious “haute couture” interior help to create the ultimate experience.”

At 20 feet in length, this Maybach incorporates the allure of art deco design and the beauty of a sports car. It comes with beautiful nautical blue metallic paintwork complemented by chrome highlights. This fascinating design makes it stand out but that, of course, is an understatement. Light alloy wheels adorn this beauty.

Because of its overall design, looking at this cabriolet evokes an emotional response. The interior is just as beautiful. The seats are covered in top quality crystal white nappa leather – a breathtaking contrast to its dark blue paint.

Mercedes-Maybach is a seamless combination of luxury and technology. It utilizes the brand’s signature design, materials, and colors but the seats, although as traditional as your favorite Chesterfield furniture, come with leather that are folded into a diamond pattern fastened by a Mercedes star. These delicate buttons even have a blue backlight.

The Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 Cabriolet can easily become a favorite among luxury car collectors and those who want a luxury vehicle that does not chug too much petrol or any at all.

Car Care Tips for Mercedes-Benz Owners

Your Mercedes-Benz is a masterpiece and with all its amazing features, it is imperative that you take great care of it.

The following are a few tips to ensure that your luxury vehicle performs the way the manufacturer intended.

  • Keep checking your manual so you are abreast with your car’s maintenance schedule.
  • Ensure that you follow the maintenance schedule. There are good apps out there that can notify you when it’s time to bring your car to the mechanic.
  • Have the oil checked regularly.
  • Ensure that the cooling system is working properly. Have it checked by an ASE certified technician.
  • Avoid potholes and other hazards on the road that can cause heavy impact on your car’s components.
  • Check your brakes regularly or have it checked by a trusted mechanic.
  • Keep your vehicle clean inside and out.
  • Ensure that proper tire pressure is maintained.

Older Models

Your old Mercedes-Benz can last a very long time. In fact, some even say it can run forever with proper maintenance and repairs. There is no one formula for all Mercedes-Benz models but good technicians will know what to look for and what needs to be done if the car isn’t working properly. It is important to keep in mind though that you shouldn’t wait for your old Benz to breakdown before bringing it to our shop. For more information about Mercedes-Benz maintenance schedules, you can take a look at our summary here and please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly personnel to book an appointment.  We’d be happy to assist you with your car maintenance needs.

How to Keep People from Stealing your BMW

Thieves are now more creative which means that your worst nightmare can actually happen at any time of day. This is a scary prospect but it is important to take note of it because looking at the facts makes us more aware about the possibility of car theft. One of those facts is your vehicle being an object of desire. Whether you’re driving a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz, you can be sure that someone out there wants your car.

Between 2009 and 2012, over 4,000 luxury vehicles were stolen in the United States. While this number seems small, it still causes anxiety. Your BMW is your investment. It is a symbol of your lifestyle and you’ve made great memories with it. If it goes missing, you know that it will break your heart. Don’t worry though because there are ways to keep thieves at bay.

Locked Car, Hidden Valuables

The most fundamental defense against thieves is to lock your vehicle every time you leave it in the parking lot or anywhere else. Many car owners forget this. In fact, 50% of cars that were stolen in the U.S. were not locked. Experts also recommend that all valuables inside the car should be hidden in the glove compartment or under the seats. If you have valuables in plain sight, it can tempt would-be thieves to break the windows to get to said items. They might even decide to drive away with your vehicle after that.

Parking Matters

The place where you park your vehicle matters too. Parking in neighborhoods with a high crime rate is a bad idea. Poorly lit parking spaces are just as bad. If you can, park in a secure and well-lit place.

Comprehensive Insurance is a Must

In case your BMW’s security is compromised, you will need this type of insurance to replace your vehicle. It is always our hope that this doesn’t happen at all but it’s better to have comprehensive insurance rather than not have it when you need it.

Manual Transmission can Save the Day

It’s fun driving a stick shift and it just happens that not many enjoy it. In fact, many don’t even know how to operate one. If your BMW is a manual transmission, it won’t be easy prey for thieves.

Here’s How to Take Care of your Luxury Vehicle Like a Pro

You just bought a luxury vehicle or maybe you’ve owned one for years. Whichever the case, everyone knows that your luxury import is a significant investment and it needs proper care.

Our experts say that good car maintenance should be practiced no matter how expensive or how affordable your car is. However, when it comes to your luxury vehicle, it is imperative that you go the extra mile. Doing this will ensure that it performs the way the manufacturer intended and that it will do so for years to come. Below are some of the steps you can take to keep your luxury car in tip-top shape.

Drive and Park Right to Avoid Costly Repairs

Experts agree how you behave while on the road can determine your next repair bill. Aggressive driving which constitutes of driving over bumps too fast or braking abruptly can lead to costly repairs. Experts also agree that you need to be careful while not on the road too.

Experts also agree that you need to be careful while not on the road too. When parking, make sure that your car is not only in a safe place but also in an area where is not too hot or too cold. Extreme conditions can damage some of your car’s components and can lead to expensive replacements or repairs.

The Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule Should be Followed

Being the entity that designed your luxury car, your vehicle’s manufacturer is the main authority that you should look to when unsure about your import’s maintenance schedule. Sure it is easier to look for suggested maintenance schedules online but most are general schedules while others offer conflicting information.

Sure it is easier to look for suggested maintenance schedules online but most are general schedules while others offer conflicting information.

The manufacturer’s maintenance schedule should be followed so be sure to have the manual with you all the time. You can also make a calendar for your car or integrate its check up and maintenance schedule with yours.

Have you looked at your vehicle’s maintenance schedule lately? Don’t hesitate to call us if it’s time for a routine check.

Use Good Cleaning Products for its Interior

Your luxury vehicle has beautiful seats and all the bells and whistles you love. However, cleaning it can be a scary thing. If you decide to clean the interior, it is important that you use good cleaning products that won’t cause any damage.

Take it to the Cleaners

It is always a good idea to take your car to the professionals when you want it cleaned inside and out. You can even have it waxed and polished once a month if you choose to.

Is it Time to Replace your Tires?

Your luxury car needs regular maintenance and a lot of love. You know this and we know this. Aside from engine checks and changing motor oils, the tires of your import also need regular visual checks. The lifespan of your tires are dependent on tread wear, the kind of vehicle it is mounted on, and how the car is driven.

With the engine power of your import, it is not surprising that you floor it from time to time. While this is good for getting rid of carbon deposits, it can cause a lot of wear on your tires. Other factors such as exposure to the elements and their age also matter. The question is, when do you replace them? Automakers often indicate that tires need to be replaced when the car reaches 5,000 miles under normal conditions but there is still a need to check them or have them checked regularly for your own safety and the safety of your passengers.

Are the treads already worn? Taking a look at the tread wear regularly is a good idea because when the tires are worn, they no longer have the same grip on the road like before. For car owners who live in the hotter parts of the United States like Texas, it is also important to note that too much heat and exposure to the harmful rays of the sun can cause serious structural damage. This is why a visual examination is always a good idea whenever the tires are rotated. This is to make sure that they are still in good condition.

The age of the tires on your import also matter. Tires that are already 10 years old, it is suggested that you have them replaced regardless of wear. When it’s time to get them replaced, please don’t hesitate to call us.

First Bugatti Chiron Arrives in the US


Named after Monegasque driver Louis Chiron, the first Bugatti Chiron that arrived in the United States came in a striking yellow against a beautiful “Classique” black.

It is one of 500 of Bugatti’s Chirons planned for production. This mid-engined sports car developed and manufactured in France, is the Bugatti Veyron’s successor. It was first shown in March of 2016 at the Geneva Motor Show and according to Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S., the supercar was based on their Vision Gran Turismo concept car.

The automaker offers a dizzying array of options and customization features to prospective Chiron buyers with the aim that no two Chirons are identical.

To comply with the United States’ crash standards, the U.S. Chiron had to get bumper bars at the rear. However, this unfortunate change doesn’t take away the fact that it cranks out 1,480 horsepower and a torque of 1,180 pound-feet.

It must be noted that European Chirons get 20 additional horsepower and they do not come with bumper pieces. With a top speed of 262 mph, the French automaker is hoping to raise its maximum to 280 mph in the very near future when tires can handle it. Experts say, driving beyond 200 mph in this French beast gives an insight on how good its stability is.

With this kind of power, it is expected that the Chiron can consume a gallon of gas for a quick trip around town.

Mercedes B-class Electric Drive on its way out

Mercedes says goodbye to its B-class Electric Drive after five years in the market. The German automaker is reportedly dropping the model to focus on its electric vehicle efforts for the upcoming EQ lineup.

Rob Moran, Mercedes’ spokesman in the United States, confirmed this development and said in a statement that the model will be phased out soon. There is no news if there will be a replacement to the model.

Its assembly in Rastatt, Germany will be halted by the third quarter of this year as the manufacturing plant is being readied to produce Mercedes-Benz’ compact vehicles.

News about Mercedes saying bye-bye to the model won’t hurt other places though because the carmaker will continue to make diesel and gasoline-powered B-class hatchback models. Unfortunately, the said models are not sold in the United States.

The carmaker sold over 3,000 of the B-class Electric Drive since it launched a sale in December of 2013 but sales were slow due to the limited number of places in the US that encourage the use of zero-emission vehicles.

There is some good news though as Mercedes’ parent company Daimler AG announced that it is investing over $11 billion to manufacture 10 new electric vehicles. These EVs will be available by 2022.

Luxury Car Brands Produce Electric Vehicles Amidst Sales Woes


Fresh evidence from the luxury auto industry shows that well-known brands are finding fewer buyers. With BMW’s sales down by 2.8 percent, according to the New York Times, the auto industry’s strategy of ushering in new models to attract more buyers is not working.

BMW’s 3 and 4 car sales plunged over 20 percent in 2016 and fell another 8 percent in the early part of 2017. Mercedes, to a lesser extent, is experiencing the same. Jaguar Land Rover also saw a 2.3 percent drop in April due to a considerable fall in demand from overseas markets. Should carmakers be worried?

Something to Look Forward to

While luxury automakers are experiencing a slump in sales, analysts say there is something to look forward to and it has something to do with luxury electric cars.

A market analysis done by Experian Automotive found that electric car buyers are younger and richer than those who opt for hybrids.  While this isn’t just about the luxury electric vehicle market, it is an interesting study that gives car enthusiasts a glimpse of the future. It is also significant to note that there are only a few luxury EVs that are almost ready for the road.

As climate change concerns soar, more people, especially the younger generation, are now more aware of their carbon footprint. In fact, according to Experian Automotive, rich environmentalists are now opting for luxury EVs. There is a growing demand for high-end electric cars and luxury automakers are getting ready for this surge.

In March of 2017, Jaguar’s much anticipated I-PACE was seen on London’s streets. The EV, which will arrive in the US in 2018, is described as “a striking preview” of Jaguar’s electric vehicles. Audi and Mercedes-Benz will be launching their electric vehicles in 2018 while BMW’s newest EV will follow in 2020.