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Here’s How to Take Care of your Luxury Vehicle Like a Pro

You just bought a luxury vehicle or maybe you’ve owned one for years. Whichever the case, everyone knows that your luxury import is a significant investment and it needs proper care.

Our experts say that good car maintenance should be practiced no matter how expensive or how affordable your car is. However, when it comes to your luxury vehicle, it is imperative that you go the extra mile. Doing this will ensure that it performs the way the manufacturer intended and that it will do so for years to come. Below are some of the steps you can take to keep your luxury car in tip-top shape.

Drive and Park Right to Avoid Costly Repairs

Experts agree how you behave while on the road can determine your next repair bill. Aggressive driving which constitutes of driving over bumps too fast or braking abruptly can lead to costly repairs. Experts also agree that you need to be careful while not on the road too.

Experts also agree that you need to be careful while not on the road too. When parking, make sure that your car is not only in a safe place but also in an area where is not too hot or too cold. Extreme conditions can damage some of your car’s components and can lead to expensive replacements or repairs.

The Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule Should be Followed

Being the entity that designed your luxury car, your vehicle’s manufacturer is the main authority that you should look to when unsure about your import’s maintenance schedule. Sure it is easier to look for suggested maintenance schedules online but most are general schedules while others offer conflicting information.

Sure it is easier to look for suggested maintenance schedules online but most are general schedules while others offer conflicting information.

The manufacturer’s maintenance schedule should be followed so be sure to have the manual with you all the time. You can also make a calendar for your car or integrate its check up and maintenance schedule with yours.

Have you looked at your vehicle’s maintenance schedule lately? Don’t hesitate to call us if it’s time for a routine check.

Use Good Cleaning Products for its Interior

Your luxury vehicle has beautiful seats and all the bells and whistles you love. However, cleaning it can be a scary thing. If you decide to clean the interior, it is important that you use good cleaning products that won’t cause any damage.

Take it to the Cleaners

It is always a good idea to take your car to the professionals when you want it cleaned inside and out. You can even have it waxed and polished once a month if you choose to.

Luxury Car Brands Produce Electric Vehicles Amidst Sales Woes


Fresh evidence from the luxury auto industry shows that well-known brands are finding fewer buyers. With BMW’s sales down by 2.8 percent, according to the New York Times, the auto industry’s strategy of ushering in new models to attract more buyers is not working.

BMW’s 3 and 4 car sales plunged over 20 percent in 2016 and fell another 8 percent in the early part of 2017. Mercedes, to a lesser extent, is experiencing the same. Jaguar Land Rover also saw a 2.3 percent drop in April due to a considerable fall in demand from overseas markets. Should carmakers be worried?

Something to Look Forward to

While luxury automakers are experiencing a slump in sales, analysts say there is something to look forward to and it has something to do with luxury electric cars.

A market analysis done by Experian Automotive found that electric car buyers are younger and richer than those who opt for hybrids.  While this isn’t just about the luxury electric vehicle market, it is an interesting study that gives car enthusiasts a glimpse of the future. It is also significant to note that there are only a few luxury EVs that are almost ready for the road.

As climate change concerns soar, more people, especially the younger generation, are now more aware of their carbon footprint. In fact, according to Experian Automotive, rich environmentalists are now opting for luxury EVs. There is a growing demand for high-end electric cars and luxury automakers are getting ready for this surge.

In March of 2017, Jaguar’s much anticipated I-PACE was seen on London’s streets. The EV, which will arrive in the US in 2018, is described as “a striking preview” of Jaguar’s electric vehicles. Audi and Mercedes-Benz will be launching their electric vehicles in 2018 while BMW’s newest EV will follow in 2020.