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How to Keep People from Stealing your BMW

Thieves are now more creative which means that your worst nightmare can actually happen at any time of day. This is a scary prospect but it is important to take note of it because looking at the facts makes us more aware about the possibility of car theft. One of those facts is your vehicle being an object of desire. Whether you’re driving a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz, you can be sure that someone out there wants your car.

Between 2009 and 2012, over 4,000 luxury vehicles were stolen in the United States. While this number seems small, it still causes anxiety. Your BMW is your investment. It is a symbol of your lifestyle and you’ve made great memories with it. If it goes missing, you know that it will break your heart. Don’t worry though because there are ways to keep thieves at bay.

Locked Car, Hidden Valuables

The most fundamental defense against thieves is to lock your vehicle every time you leave it in the parking lot or anywhere else. Many car owners forget this. In fact, 50% of cars that were stolen in the U.S. were not locked. Experts also recommend that all valuables inside the car should be hidden in the glove compartment or under the seats. If you have valuables in plain sight, it can tempt would-be thieves to break the windows to get to said items. They might even decide to drive away with your vehicle after that.

Parking Matters

The place where you park your vehicle matters too. Parking in neighborhoods with a high crime rate is a bad idea. Poorly lit parking spaces are just as bad. If you can, park in a secure and well-lit place.

Comprehensive Insurance is a Must

In case your BMW’s security is compromised, you will need this type of insurance to replace your vehicle. It is always our hope that this doesn’t happen at all but it’s better to have comprehensive insurance rather than not have it when you need it.

Manual Transmission can Save the Day

It’s fun driving a stick shift and it just happens that not many enjoy it. In fact, many don’t even know how to operate one. If your BMW is a manual transmission, it won’t be easy prey for thieves.