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Is it Time to Replace your Tires?

Your luxury car needs regular maintenance and a lot of love. You know this and we know this. Aside from engine checks and changing motor oils, the tires of your import also need regular visual checks. The lifespan of your tires are dependent on tread wear, the kind of vehicle it is mounted on, and how the car is driven.

With the engine power of your import, it is not surprising that you floor it from time to time. While this is good for getting rid of carbon deposits, it can cause a lot of wear on your tires. Other factors such as exposure to the elements and their age also matter. The question is, when do you replace them? Automakers often indicate that tires need to be replaced when the car reaches 5,000 miles under normal conditions but there is still a need to check them or have them checked regularly for your own safety and the safety of your passengers.

Are the treads already worn? Taking a look at the tread wear regularly is a good idea because when the tires are worn, they no longer have the same grip on the road like before. For car owners who live in the hotter parts of the United States like Texas, it is also important to note that too much heat and exposure to the harmful rays of the sun can cause serious structural damage. This is why a visual examination is always a good idea whenever the tires are rotated. This is to make sure that they are still in good condition.

The age of the tires on your import also matter. Tires that are already 10 years old, it is suggested that you have them replaced regardless of wear. When it’s time to get them replaced, please don’t hesitate to call us.

First Bugatti Chiron Arrives in the US


Named after Monegasque driver Louis Chiron, the first Bugatti Chiron that arrived in the United States came in a striking yellow against a beautiful “Classique” black.

It is one of 500 of Bugatti’s Chirons planned for production. This mid-engined sports car developed and manufactured in France, is the Bugatti Veyron’s successor. It was first shown in March of 2016 at the Geneva Motor Show and according to Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S., the supercar was based on their Vision Gran Turismo concept car.

The automaker offers a dizzying array of options and customization features to prospective Chiron buyers with the aim that no two Chirons are identical.

To comply with the United States’ crash standards, the U.S. Chiron had to get bumper bars at the rear. However, this unfortunate change doesn’t take away the fact that it cranks out 1,480 horsepower and a torque of 1,180 pound-feet.

It must be noted that European Chirons get 20 additional horsepower and they do not come with bumper pieces. With a top speed of 262 mph, the French automaker is hoping to raise its maximum to 280 mph in the very near future when tires can handle it. Experts say, driving beyond 200 mph in this French beast gives an insight on how good its stability is.

With this kind of power, it is expected that the Chiron can consume a gallon of gas for a quick trip around town.

Mercedes B-class Electric Drive on its way out

Mercedes says goodbye to its B-class Electric Drive after five years in the market. The German automaker is reportedly dropping the model to focus on its electric vehicle efforts for the upcoming EQ lineup.

Rob Moran, Mercedes’ spokesman in the United States, confirmed this development and said in a statement that the model will be phased out soon. There is no news if there will be a replacement to the model.

Its assembly in Rastatt, Germany will be halted by the third quarter of this year as the manufacturing plant is being readied to produce Mercedes-Benz’ compact vehicles.

News about Mercedes saying bye-bye to the model won’t hurt other places though because the carmaker will continue to make diesel and gasoline-powered B-class hatchback models. Unfortunately, the said models are not sold in the United States.

The carmaker sold over 3,000 of the B-class Electric Drive since it launched a sale in December of 2013 but sales were slow due to the limited number of places in the US that encourage the use of zero-emission vehicles.

There is some good news though as Mercedes’ parent company Daimler AG announced that it is investing over $11 billion to manufacture 10 new electric vehicles. These EVs will be available by 2022.