Land Rover owners say their air suspension springs wear out and / or develop slow air leaks over time.  Do you have Air Ride Suspension Leaks in your Rover? Schedule an Appointment for us to look at it.

The Rover’s Air springs allow air to enter and exit the suspension system to adjust the comfort of your ride. The Rover’s computer controls the air springs with mathematical precision.  Unfortunately for you, The Rover air springs will deteriorate when the SUV is suspension takes a beating doing what the vehicle was designed to do – go over bumpy stuff.

Air Ride Suspension & Leaks & Problems occur more frequently in late model Range Rovers. (as you would expect)

Another issue with the ARS is that the  air suspension compressors  will fail in the Range Rover. The air compressor is a small air system located next to the valve block and the air suspension dryer. The air compressor forces air in to the suspension system to control the pressure and ride. Leaks in the air struts or the air springs will hasten the demise of the ARS compressor. The electrical compression system can also fail  due to moisture entering they system.

Another common problem with the Rover air suspension is that the valve block will fail. The Valve Block  is a small device that is under the Rover engine’s cover. Range Rovers have five solenoid valves on top of the valve block. The whole block has to be replaced if the block fails.

Rover valve block failure can happen due to leaks or loose air hose connections. Weak seals, the exterior valve block, the pressure switch, the pressure relief valve and the diaphragm valve can also lead to Rover valve block failure. Last, and maybe the easiest thing to fix is a loose bolt can stop this valve from working properly.

Another possible cause of  cause of Rover Air Ride Suspension failure is the air suspension dryer. The dryer is a small device that is located next to the compressor and the Rover valve block. Range Rovers have a few different types of air dryers for the air suspension system. The dryers do what dryers do, the remove moisture from the air suspension system. If water manages to accumulate in the air suspension dryer, it will break cause the system fail and results in other air suspension parts to fail.

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